Our social media habits are killing tolerance

The year just gone by is probably, for a number of you, one that you are thinking ‘good riddance’ to. It has been the year that has seen political figures rising or decisions being made on the back of nationalistic politics where migration and protectionism are suddenly back on the agenda, and debate has become…

Democratic dilemmas and constitutional crises

Demos-kratia. The people have power. They decided to go.

Deciding what sort of negotiating position we plump for is up for grabs – that’s fair play. Deciding to leave the EU is not. Any parliamentarian believing otherwise has just turned themselves into a power-grabbing despot.

Navigating discrimination? Piece of cake…

This is, however, about baking. And equality. And confusion. It’s about the risk that we are having the life and colour sucked from us in a politically correct repressive void which cannot handle any shade of grey where people hold differing views.

An empire of fear

In the minds of Juncker et al, fear of what will happen to the UK as it leaves the EU will keep the local systems in line. Oops, did I just say that? Freudian slip there. Local nations.

A tale of two parties: the rise of Corbyn and the fall of Labour

Labour is currently an irrelevance in British politics. Theresa May has parked her progressive tanks on the lawns previously occupied by Blair and Brown, and Labour looks likely to respond by riding off into a left-wing sunset for the foreseeable future.

Moving on from memes and mutual prejudice

Whatever your views were, a choice has been made and we will carry on. Continue to speak out against social injustice and hatred, but it’s time to move on from the memes and mutual prejudices.

If the question were about joining the EU, what would you do?

Imagine a scenario… It’s 2020, Britain is not part of the EU (and never was), but is trading quite happily with the union as an independent state. Along with the Canadians, it has agreed a series of pretty good tariff arrangements, and is healthy, wealthy and prosperous. A deregulated services sector is powering the economy,…

Queensberry rules

The gloves are off… Queensberry rules be damned – this is no time for playing fair any more! The government is pulling out all the stops now, fair or unfair, to persuade all of the potential swing voters to vote to remain.

EU referendum & security: rewriting history

Closer and closer EU integration – which is where this EU project will end up – is no guarantor of peace any more than its absence is a guarantor of lessened security. Let’s give lie to this anachronism and leave it in the museum where it belongs.