About me

I’m a married 30-something father of two girls with an academic background in economics and corporate strategy. I work for a multinational professional services company, and have spent more than a decade focussing on the finances, risks, governance and control of a range of organisations including large and small commercial companies, educational bodies, social housing providers and charities. These days, 99% of my work is in the public sector, where i’ve worked with the NHS, local government and central government bodies in the UK.

Politically, my background and profession means that I tend towards the centre or centre-right of politics, although i’m also a committed Christian, and therefore have a slight bent towards considering social policy too. I’ve voted for all three major political parties at some point in the past.

In my hours of leisure – such as they are – aside from spending time with my family, i’m a keen musician and real ale afficionado. I enjoy a bit of cycling and running, if only to try and delay the inevitable middle-aged spread. I’m also passionate about barbecuing and have been known to get up several times in the middle of the night to check the meat was cooking correctly.

You’ll find me here talking about all of the above, but please remember, they’re all my own views – not those of my employers or any other organisation I belong to.


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