Weasel words

I’m not quite sure whatever happened to Corbyn’s ‘kinder, gentler politics’… the more I look, the more he just seems like kinda’ the same as the others.


The Carillion Conundrum

Business failure doesn’t prove that the ‘system is broken’, but rather one of the features of capitalism is that bad companies go bust, and the good ones succeed.

Confusing Christmas

May you have a happy Christmas with your loved ones, and remember that it was always intended to celebrate God’s greatest gift to the world.

We will remember them

Over the last couple of days I have, in common with many of you I suspect, observed a silence in remembrance of those who died in the two great wars of the last century. In common with many of you, I also lost family members in the great wars. Bearing a poppy we stand for…

Adults in the Room – a very Greek tragedy

This is the brutal reality of an individual country’s democratic choice being subjugated by the EU. Whilst we in the UK are lucky enough to be currently debating over what democracy means, the birthplace of democracy was forcefully denied its choice… this doesn’t feel like something that I would ever want to be a part of. If you think otherwise, i’d challenge you to read this book and tell me how you feel afterwards.

Henry VIII and the law – should we be worried?

If we get to the stage where Theresa May acquires a few more husbands and starts insisting her own proclamations become law without Parliamentary assent, I’ll start to worry more. Not before.

An inconvenient truth

We must learn the lessons that history tells us about the promises of left-wing socialism, and their consequences, or suffer them all over again.

Dear Jean-Claude… are you drunk?

We get it. We get that you have to pretend to be outraged by our reasonable proposals so as to try and extract some more concessions from the UK, bolster your domestic electoral prospects or maybe just delay the discussion of trade negotiations to try and bounce us into a corner. We know the best economic answer is for a good free trade deal and a fair divorce / payment for deal settlement, but you can’t be seen for that to happen in case others realise this giant unelected well-paid EU thing you’ve built up is a self-justifying waste of space in large parts. Stop trying to take the piss otherwise we really will just walk away leaving you with a big hole in your budget and no settlement. Unlike the Greeks, we can survive it.

Personality and policy: vote carefully!

This may surprise a few of you, but Jeremy Corbyn is not the messiah or a very naughty boy. Personally, I think of Bernie Sanders, but without the charisma or charm. I also find it a curious thing that Labour have turned their last couple of leaders into hipster icons. First was the bacon roll-munching #milifandom Ed Miliband, and now the thermal-vested Jeremy Corbyn re-imagined as the sagacious and ineffably cool Alec Guinness version of Obi-Wan Kenobi…

An uphill struggle downhill

In just under two months’ time, I will climb back in the saddle again ready to ride nearly 100 miles for charity from Bristol to Swansea for charity… it’s not going to be straightforward.

Trump is bigoted, and so are we

Nearly a year ago, I blogged on Trump and Fury, suggesting that in an odd way, we should welcome the public outing of their views as it would give us a platform from which to consider them and robustly rebut them when appropriate. Whilst Tyson Fury has more or less disappeared from the public view, Donald…

Of eyebrows and ear-hair: Tales from the barbershop

From as soon as I was old enough to get a proper haircut, the barbershop has always been a refuge. A quiet sanctuary against the passing of time in the world outside. Wherever you were, and whichever barber you went to, it offered a predictable set of rituals, burnished into an institution through repetition. And…